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Greater the number of vacuum motors

The unique technology creates constant suction, yet offers uniquely smooth gliding action over the carpeting.The end result is longer drying times, with a greater potential for the development of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Besides using the wand with Daimer®'s conventional carpet cleaning equipment, such as the company's highly popular XTreme Power® XPH-5900I, the tool can be purchased as an option along with hoses for any one of the company's walk-behind machines. Many truck mount carpet cleaner professional use systems that can absolutely drench carpets, taking up to and beyond 24 hours to dry. Daimer Industries® is a well-respected provider of the industry's most powerful and highest quality carpet shampooer systems and other carpet cleaners for use within most industries worldwide." Conventional wands tend to allow too much water to flow deeper into the carpet, especially if users fail to move the wand correctly along the carpet while operating the machine. Contrary to the thoughts among novices, cleaning chemical must be used, even if the machines they use are of the heated variety. The self-adjusting carpet wand, which can be used with all Daimer® carpet cleaner machines, offers a dramatic improvement in water vacuuming to make drying time faster than ever before. An optional 25' of hoses with allow the walk-behind to be used like a regular wand-based machine, without any loss of suction. Hotels, for instance, can leave the machine in the hallway and use the wand within guest rooms.®, the industry's leading provider of American Made, high-performance commercial and industrial carpet cleaning equipment, is shipping its exclusive, patented 12'' carpet wand with enhanced features. A user can clean up to a 2000 square feet radius surface area without moving the machine. Typically, carpet shampooer systems are configured with anywhere from one to four vacuum motors, depending upon the model. "The tool is the perfect answer to those individuals who want to purchase a professional machine, but are concerned about using the system and wand correctly. The product is designed with superior vacuum suction capabilities over and above wand technologies currently available on the xafs. Essentially, the carpet cleaner wand creates a better "seal" on the carpet. The goal for any professional or new user is to clean as quickly and powerfully as possible while emitting the least water into the carpet. The greater the number of vacuum motors, the better the suction power, and the faster the drying time. The machines and tools are available for shipment to most countries globally. The XPC-12000 is one of Daimer®'s best carpet cleaner walk-behinds. Daimer®'s carpet wand, currently bundled with each of the company's carpet extractor systems, helps allow for drying Rice Dryers Manufacturers times as low as two hours. The wand makes carpet cleaning easy while maximizing productivity and reducing drying time. The best carpet cleaner machines are those with low-flow technology, which is included with each and every Daimer® machine.

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